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Human well-being is the focus of our company, which is why we are developing solution-oriented products in a different sector of life, which are the result of intensive and thorough research and development.
Our company is based in Belgium, but we mainly manufacture our products from renowned companies in Germany.



It’s time for the right way of sleeping! 

Morning is the time when most people have particular back problems, tension in
their head and upper body and difficulty sleeping.
We have researched these problems intensively and found a way to counteract them.


Peace at last with Fukomlie!

“Fukomlie“ is an innovative high-end and handmade product that satisfies even the most demanding human as far as sleeping is concerned.


Product description

Our research has shown that the main cause of complaints is lying in a completely horizontal position without pads (cushions) under the joints.
We found that lying at a speciffic obtuse angle with specially arranged pads in the head and upper body area provides maximum sleeping comfort to allow the joints and veins to relax suffciently and thus to ensure optimal blood circulation.

We confirmed these results with many observations, such as the fact that naps in the daytime are usually taken on the sofa or in an easy chair (at an obtuse angle), and afterwards people feel more relaxed and rested, unlike night time sleep which is done in a horizontal position. Many people also know how it feels to fight with their pillow in the night, kneading it from one side to another, sometimes under the head and sometimes under the neck, often enough it even falls out of the bed. 

Sleeping position

In this horizontal sleeping position without pads under the joints, the veins and muscles are tense with pain and tension as a result. You are left feeling tired and grumpy, even though you have slept for longer than during a daytime nap.
So we have developed “Fukomlie” a functional and comfortable reclining bed. This bed is fitted with specially positioned joint pads (cushions) that are attached to the surface of the mattress.

This helpful padding for the joints is especially full around the upper body and head area and runs all the way down to the end of the bed. The joint padding is intended to relieve the joints over the whole body, by cushioning the body in the joint pads in such a way that there can be no heavy pressure on the joints, veins or muscles.

What is more, the bed is built at a special obtuse angle to relieve the joints in the spine, particularly those in the lumbar area.

These two important features, joint pads and an obtuse angle, help to relieve tensions, pain and stiffness in the joints. They take the pressure off the joints and veins in such a way that the blood can circulate optimally, which automatically helps provide a good supply of oxygen to the organs as well.

This optimal reclining position and the special joint pads enable you to sleep as comfortably as you desire.

This functional and comfortable reclining bed includes all the components required like slats, mattress and pillow.


The functional and comfortable bed is available in various design finishes in fabric and leather, and also with Swarovski crystal decorations, wood veneers and various models of feet. It is also possible to obtain the beds in special sizes.

Special Pillow

Morning is the time, when most people have particular back problems, tensions in their head and upper body.
We have researched these problems intensively and found a way to counteract them.
Therefore we have parallel to our “ Fukomlie “  a  “ Special Pillow “ for people how don’t want to miss the optimal sleeping comfort, out to buy our comfort bed.
Our  “ Special Pillow “ protect the joints and veins from the upper body, the neck, shoulder and back, till to the hip.
In this way the blood can circulate optimal and enable you to sleep as comfortably as you desire, out the usual complains in the morning.

The “ Special Pillow “ is also like our “ Fukomlie “ an innovative, high-end and handmade product.

Special Pillow

The “ special Pillow “ is available in the material of Cotton or Orthoflex. The filling is a mix of Latex and Fiber but it is also available with latex-free filling.                                                                                 Orthoflex is a material made of plastic, which is washable.

Raisons of aging

Over ageing, people have a wrong way of thinking, as medicine assumes that aging is among other things in the genes, so it is generally assumed that it is natural. But the contradiction lies in the fact that nobody likes to age, which is recognized by the fact that there are many anti-aging products. Wellness is also a big boom against aging as well as surgical surgeries, sports…..

If aging were natural, everyone would accept this, so we analyzed what the cause is.

According to our analysis, we can say that this is related to the blood vessels, because in the human body, as the medicine has already researched, there are 150,000 km of blood vessels (veins, arteries, capillaries….).

These blood vessels enclose also the bone structure. Due to the wrong use of the body (long standing, wrong sleeping position….) over many years, the veins shift and it comes to the deformation of the skeletal structure (round back, stiffness in the hips….). Also the 5 senses are affected. Many people begin to see, to hear, to smell…… worse.

Alzheimer and Parkinson are just a few of many diseases caused by a lack of blood circulation. The reason for this is as I said in the structure of the blood vessels. If these are no longer in their original course, the blood can not flow optimally and therefore also no longer provide the organism with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

As a result, the skin becomes limp and pale, the bone structure deforms, the body becomes stiff, it is no longer so flexible. People are talking now about getting old.

These ageing phenomena can be countered as prevention by keeping the blood vessels flexible and elastic through “vein stretching”.

Through this “vein stretching” the blood vessels remain in their course and the blood can flow optimally and supply the organism with the necessary oxygen, vitamins and minerals. The skin becomes taut and remains vital.

If the signs of ageing are more advanced (stiffness in the joints, round back…..) It is necessary to treat the skeleton directly, as this is deformed. With this treatment it is possible to bring the skeleton (bone structure) back into the original form, since the bones are hard but surrounded by blood vessels, it is possible to fix the deformation. The musculoskeletal system becomes flexible again.

Body care

Every human don’t like to get old. But the reality show us, that everybody is aging.
The prove is, that everyone attempts in one or another way to counteract the aging signs. For example: Sport, Wellness, Anti-Ageing campaigns, Chirurgical Operations and others.
We have this contradiction thoroughly investigated and found a reason of aging.
In the human body there are about 150.000 km veins, arteries and capillaries.

Because every person is not using his body optimally, such as incorrect position while sleeping, sitting frequent, several corporal work, wrong nutrition ….., this concluded to that the blood vessels are shift and therefore are no longer in their original course.
Through this shift deform over the years the bones, how to recognize by elderly in hip displacement and crooked back.
Through this analysis, we found out, that we have to keep the blood vessels elastic and in their original form.

We have know developed a formula that these aging counteracts.
This formula is a vein stretching in form of a water massage. These vein stretching is a full body massage, it stretch systematically the blood vessels from head to the feet.
In this way the blood vessels be kept elastic and can thus enter their original course, thereby it brings the body skeleton again in the original form.

In this way the blood can circulate optimal and can serve the body with all the vitamins and oxygen. Parallel it makes automatically the antibody strong and it is also a prevention against the different sickness like sinusitis, arthritis, gripp infect, rheumatism, visual defects and others.  

Organ cleaning

To get sick is a serious theme for all the human. Everybody try in one way to get help when he is getting sick.

Special about the women we observe that the most of them have problems in there feminine region. In Africa for example 70% – 80% of women have problems with myom they suffering so much about this.

Many of them needs to make an operation about this but often it is not enough and at last, they need to take of the womb and this came with many side effects like hormonal deregulations, depressions and the women can’t get pregnant anymore.

About the generally sickness we make a deep investigation and we discover a simple and easy “ organ care “,  how can careall the sickness like cancer, aids, diabetes also myom, womb cancer, different sexual sickness and others, how women get in there feminine region.
Basis of all the sickness are bacteria, vireo and micro organism.

Everybody knows that 90 °C of hot water can kill bacteria and vireo, like the medicine use also this 90 °C for to sterilise all the instruments.

Therefore we discovered a method, how we can give this product (calorific energy) of boiling water in the body, to kill the bacteria.

With this method we can clean all the organs in the human body and care all the sickness out to get any side effects.




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